The Tree of Life: Lesson 2 – Part 1 (Understanding Archetypes in Kabbalah)

Several archetypes (or patterns) and more foundations are revealed, preparing the groundwork to understand “The Tree of Life” as a tool to relate to Hashem, HisTorah and our very existence.

The Zohar: Pritzker Edition, Volume One

One of the best English versions of “The Zohar” (Sefer HaZohar) is the 12 volume series known as “The Pritzker Edition. It has been praised as having an honest translation with a very insightful commentary. The commentary alone makes it an invaluable learning tool for those who are unable to comprehend Hebrew. The series was translated over several years predominately by Dr Daniel C. Matt. However, volumes towards the end of the series are translated by other highly regarded scholars. There are other english translations available but if you only get one, this is the one to collect. Even if, just one volume.

Zohar Pritzker Edition Volume 1 – Available here:

The Tree of Life: Lesson 2 – Part 1 (Understanding Archetypes in Kabbalah)

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