How Big Should Your Canon Be?

Today at the end of the age as prophesied the Ruach HaKodesh is opening peoples spiritual eyes and ears to truths that have been buried under bad translations and errant teachings for hundreds even thousands of years.

In 2 Esdras The Prophet is told by Hashem to hold back the last 70 books he had just transcribed and to give them only to the “worthy”and give them only to those who “be wise among the people”.

2 Esdras

The Priests, Torah Sages, Nazarites, Scribes and Prophets, Judges and Levites and Merkabah – theirs is the level of revelation, the deep SOD level of wisdom and understanding, that one must have in order to glean prophecy for their time or we for our time.

Many of the texts from these wrote and copied meticulously are scattered over wildly divergent groups. You have the Jewish Kabbalistic writings of the Zohar. The writers of this stream testifies to an extensive “Zoharic library”. Sadly most of these works have been lost along the arduous trail of exile. This esoteric mystical tradition is caring forward much of the Enochian knowledge and tradition. Good thing in hindsight since we have lost to great fires in antiquity the scope and colossal impact this knowledge had on humanity.

The Dead Sea Scrolls have given us works not seen for 2,000 or more years. The Essenes, the 3rd pillar of Jewish spiritual life, after the Pharisees and Sadducees is well testified to by both Josephus and Philo, first century witnesses. These vibrant yet simple Essenes of Qumran and their writings are totally compatible with Zoharic literature. Findings like the Book of Enoch and the Book of Giants confirm this same esoteric knowledge, along with a mystical approach to worship like the Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice and The Secret of the Way things Are. All pointing to deeper encrypted understanding (SOD). Also these groups kept writings that contain much greater detail. Necessary for the truth seeker.

The Coptic Ethiopian Church must be recognized as “Keepers of the Torah” as much as any Jewish group. They kept the Book of Enoch, Jubilees, 2 Esdras, Books of the Maccabees among other “extra-biblical books. Of special note, if people are not familiar they should check it out, 3 sections called the Didascalia, the Sinodos and Clementine literature which is in their broader canon. These and other books I believe were used by the early “Jewish/Nazorean” assemblies or those who were disciples of these early followers of Yashua. Their canon confirms this necessary breadth of writings and the esoteric traditions that are found in all 3 streams.

Another thing all these groups had in common was a “Jewish” lifestyle of faith and practice, as in Sabbath keeping and Festival observance. The Coptic Ethiopian Assemblies have the longest historical record of Sabbath keeping of any religious group on the planet. Some scholars believe this is the geographic location of Job, the righteous Patriarch. His Book of Job remains one of the most esoteric of all texts and as such it is believed by many researchers to be the oldest book in our Tanach, predating the Torah of Moshe. Its encrypted nature, its allegorical language, so similar to the Book of Enoch and other apocryphal writings points to similar sources.

These are writings that I feel any researcher, teacher or seeker of truth should prayerfully and meditatively master. The process of understanding works cannot be mastered in one brush stoke. The Kabbalah, Oral TorahThe Sod level mysteries must be built precept by precept thru extensive study, deep meditation and a through readings of all the religious texts. This is known as “getting wisdom”.

The most important take away when seeking hidden wisdom is that it is not attained by the logical rational mind, one must have a renewed mind. One that is in proper order, where the carnal nature has been subdued and is in subjection. Holiness acts as a protective shield for those who enters the higher levels.

This extra light for your soul will make all the difference! What else would the master want to find us doing upon his return.

Much Shalom on the journey…

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