The Elect Life – “Prophecy for the Last Hour” is now coming into view

Liz outlines her 10 point plan to take things to a whole new level. Watch this short video to hear the teaching areas she will be focusing on, as we go forwards. She is seeing the world in a whole new light and is excited to take you with her on the journey. We are literally seeing prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes these days, hence “prophecy for the last hour” is now coming into view. It’s time to get your house in order and live “The Elect Life”!

The goal of Liz’s teaching ministry is to help build bridges between the Two Houses of Israel, the majority of which are dispersed among Jews and Christians. Liz offers ground-breaking mystical insights gleaned from ancient Jewish texts. Her understandings embrace a Messianic or Hebrew Roots perspective and are relevant to the times in which we live. Her teachings are on a Torat ha-Sod level (the hidden or secret part of the Torah). As such, take your time listening, reading and studying. Always question and seek truth. Prepare and be not be deceived. Make sure you have oil in your lamp for the coming of Mashiach!

Podcast Episode

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