The Long Journey Home

In the Book of Hosea, chapter 12, the Seer declares what he sees from the perspective of YHVH, who He is seated on his Throne in the High Heavens. Hosea has been brought to these celestial spheres and is in on the “secret council” meeting of Adonai and His Holy Ones. Seeing thru the gilgul (inter-dimensional cycles) of space and time He sees Ephraim’s cycle of apostasy and Judah’s faithfulness. “Ephraim has encircled Me with lies, And the house of Israel with deceit; But Judah still walks with God, Even with the Holy One who is faithful.”

But within the same chapter Hashem expresses His final desire….one of hope and restoration for His wayward peoples. “I will not destroy Ephraim again…..They will walk after the LORD”

Hos 11:9a.10a.

Here we see Yah’s faithfulness, as we see ourselves, the prodigal, on the long road home to the place of OUR inheritance.

For those with this understanding it is the Christian leaving Edom and returning to worship in Jerusalem, with her sister Judah. Here on Mt. Zion, is the true vine and root system of the “banner” under which this great assembly of Revelation gathers. One that is from every tribe, people, tongue, nation and gathers. (Rev 7:9). This is All Israel gathered from the all the nations where they were scattered.

It is the prophetic Mashiach for the House of Israel, Messiah ben Joseph, riding on a donkey into his own city. He started gathering his sheep, in such a lowly way, suffering, he leads this crowd. the donkey the Zohar tells us is a veiled reference to the “other side” the demonic fallen entities and realms, of man’s unredeemed nature. He has become very unclean in his effort to sanctify us.

This “Jesus of the Gentiles” is going to prove to be a very different messiah then either house thought. It will be the worst nightmare for many, and for those who can come thru it,
it will prove to be a fiery trial, a place where as the camel must take everything off its back to get into the Holy City of the Most High King. The Christian or Jew, seeker or even honest skeptic must discard all baggage and come in thru a very narrow way, the middle way.

In Jewish mystical teachings this is the middle pillar The Tree of Life. This Tree represents YHVH. A Creator of invisible ethereal spiritual essence and power to us , to an immanent presence among us his people. We are endowed with a self aware consciousness of Him and His bountiful worlds that sustain us. Sometimes a relationship so intimate it brings tears and joyous shouts.

Hosea finishes verse 10 to say that at the end of the age……

“His sons will come trembling from the West”.

Hos 11:10a.

The west is a coded word used by the prophets to indicate the end of the age. As the sun sets in the west after it has completed its circuit starting in the East (Code for beginning), so does the gilgul, the full cycle of 6,000 years prophesied since Adam fell to our full redemption to be complete. And a Sabbath rest for the people of Elokim.

That is a picture of a true repentant ….alive and waiting in the Assembly of All Israel….part of the Bride of Shekhinah as she awaits her final unification.

Question for another blog is how many times do you think a righteous soul cycles thru to merit the Olam Ha Ba. As silver is tried in a fire….7 x 7 times?

Much Shalom on the journey…

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