The Canon & Hebrew Letters

Where did “The Word” of the Canon come from? We know it wasn’t always in English but is there a chance that in making the jump from it’s original language, something has been lost? Can we find a closer connection to Hashem through studying and trying to use the “holy Language”, the Lashon HaQodesh? This message was streamed on Facebook Live (on 28 April, 2020) to the “Women of the Elect Life” Facebook group and Liz’s “Cornerstone” friends.

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*If there is interest in forming a mixed “Big Tent Torah” discussion/study group, we will definitely consider that too. Keep in mind Liz is about open the reunification of all Israel. This means open dialog and respect towards all children of Hashem. Discussion on “The Elect Life” Facebook Page is open to all.

The Canon & Hebrew Letters

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