And the WORD was G-D – Discussion

Treasures in the Aleph-Bet. Secrets, sublime and hidden away. Light waiting to be released.

Waiting for all Israel to get back to being a nation of Kings and Priests. All Masters of Torah…..Masters of the Letters. Able again to probe its depths.

Able to communicate at will with the Father like our archetypal parents Adam and Eve. Walking again in the cool of the garden enjoying and conversing with each other on all of the multi-dimensional diversity of worlds, souls and divinities in the heavens and the earth. Except this time there will be no lurking shadowy figure, plotting evil in the background.

The concept of a Holy Torah Academy as a real thriving place of teaching and learning is a well established and accepted Jewish concept. Great Tsadikim (righteous ones) like Moses or Elijah or Samuel the prophet are said to continue teaching. Along with great Torah Sages from all ages. I can easily imagine that Yashua ben Joseph, that one they call “Jesus” would have had sold out classes all the time as he expounds on Secrets of Torah and the Letters. Remember the Prophets, we are told, longed to see this Mashiach. Much explaining to do I am sure.

My point in all this is to make the case that they must be speaking heavenly Hebrew the Holy language, the 22 letters. And yet using all of their mind! Imagine that for a moment.

Anyone who understands the Tree of Life with the 32 Paths of Wisdom and all the immense information that is coded into its system, can appreciate cognitively “working the word” with 100% of the best brain your intelligence can muster. That would have to be a marvel and a wonder.

It’s quite literal when the text tells us:

“no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived what has been prepared for us.”

1 Corin 2:9

It would literally “blow our mind”. This system of the 22 letters and the 10 Sefirot, the full Name of HaShem, replicating over and over forever in all the creation like a cell in our body. That’s a lot of computer code and programming at very high levels. Our bodies we are told are made up of trillions of cells. One estimate said 30,000,000,000,000…but who’s counting. If this is a true archetype from nature, it tells us what a massive amount of data (letters, cells, bytes) there is to keep track of and be able to read. If Adam was put over this complex system he must have had the brain power to do it. That is what awaits us.

So to come around to my point again do you think they are speaking Italian, English or Chinese in the Torah holy Academies. No…never. A pure language, spoken from a pure tongue, with a new heart, and a renewed mind.

Ephraim (aka Christianity) needs to come back to the language of their heritage; Biblical Hebrew. Judah resurrected the language for their people in the nation of Israel today. It is the only known language in recorded history to be returned to its native land and revived by its native people.

Now it is Ephraim’s turn. To me, this would be something the Father would want to see his sons engaged in upon his return.

Wishing you joy, power and insight on your journey!

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