The Census Yahweh is Taking Before Shavuot

All things are under Yah’s control. If the “other side” (the “elites”) want to know our population stats and statistics, to be used in whatever manipulation they devise with that information, so be it.

I will tell you of one thing that is on the horizon and is going to make this election a real mess if it is true. California is mailing a “vote at home” letter to every person in the state, according to the new census. People do not need to go to polling booths they can just mail in their ballot. This is a disaster in the making. I prophecy (a real no brainer) that if this happens and other states follow suit, this will make the controversy of past contested elections pale in comparison. Warning … chaos ahead.

Yahweh is also taking a census, a spiritual temperature of his people to find the “battle ready.”

This language is used only in a polemic way. Adonai told Moshe to number the fighting men and assign Chiefs (leaders). Where are those skilled warriors now, those able to wield supernal weapons for our generation and times?

A totally unique Dead Sea Scroll text , a masterpiece of polemic posturing, is “The War Scroll” (1QM), sometimes known as “The War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness”. It is one of the seven original Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in Qumran in 1947. As the 2nd title says its is about the final victory of Yah’s people over their enemies. It is replete with battle array imagery like this quote.

“In their hands they hold a lance and a sword. The length of the lance shall be seven cubits, …. engraved as a border of plaited work; of gold, silver, and copper bound together like an artistically designed work. And in the loops of the design, on both sides of the band all around, shall be precious stones, a multicolored brocade, the work of a skillful workman, artistically done……The swords shall be of refined iron, purified in the furnace and polished like a face mirror, the work of a skillful workman, artistically done.”

“The War Scroll” (1QM), aka “The War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness”

This surely is not battle gear that you are going to use with real spilled blood. No, these are celestial weapons made of materials reflecting their heavenly potency and origin in the Sefirotic realms.

At the same time they planned for war, they protected their most vulnerable members, the aged, children and women. They did not ask them to prepare for war but the “healthy” were to be counted. In the end it was only those who listened to the report of the “Two Spies” Caleb and Joshua, who got to go in and “posses the land”. Those who participated in the “Sin of the 10 Spies” did not. They died in the wilderness.

Seems to me like we are seeing a lot of church leadership that is listening to the “10 spies” … all full of fear and unbelief. They need to die in the wilderness. They have no faith in HaShem’s ability to keep his own.
To me, they are only reinforcing the narrative of unbelief that Yahweh can’t protect His people from this plague. Only science, masks, hand washing etc…..and a Vaccine can save us! Well Yahweh will make sure that idolatry gets exposed for what it is, cowardice. Revelation states that no coward can enter the kingdom of heaven.

Church leadership for the most part has gone the way of the world in this PLANdemic. They have not encouraged their people to “be strong and do exploits”. To demonstrate by FAITH that no plague can come near their door as Psalm 91 so clearly says. The Door being a reference your “house” on the “Pshat” or literal level is true, but more truthful is it can not come near your “body” that the ZEAL of Adonai (THE Lord) will burn those Covids up. Literally!

I for one am looking for the release of new leadership this Shavout that can equip and lead the people to take the “land” back from the “wicked”. I am looking for the end time army to arise led by “ones chosen from the congregation, the chiefs of their ancestral tribes, the heads of the clans of Israel” to lead the people under Mashiach. I am tired of an apostate ekklesisa/ church being what the world sees to equate as Adonai’s people; hiding with everyone else “behind closed doors”. No wonder we are considered “non-essential”. When those in captivity don’t cry out against their oppressors something is really wrong. They are either asleep or worse “DEAD”!

The Levite’s were exempt from this census because their fight was in a different arena, in the spiritual realms.

“And the Levite’s shall keep guard over the tabernacle of the testimony.”

Num 1:53b

But believe me these Levite’s were ‘fighting men’, ready with all the armaments of heaven at their disposal. They knew how to fight “fire with fire”, fighting spiritual principalities with a greater, more powerful principality, Adonai Saboath, Lord of the armies of heaven.

Things are only going to ramp up. More chaos, uncertainty and calamity are ahead but those in Adonai’s army are promised their weapons will not falter or fail them as they push back the enemies assaults. In the end it sounds rather effortless also. Praise HaShem! (Baruch Hashem!)

“I will bend Judah as my bow and draw my bow with Ephraim [as its arrow]. I will stir up your people, Zion, against your people, Greece, and I will use you like a warrior’s sword.”

Zech 9:13

Shalom, shalom……wishing joy on your journey with NO ONE to make you afraid!

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