Time for the Standing Up – The Resurrection

The much loved Serenity Prayer is a balm of wisdom amid today’s turbulent events. It reads: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

There also is a famous Torah Sage, Rabbi Ben Azai, who lived in the 3rd century. He aptly spoke the same sentiment:

“Despise no one, don’t challenge everything, for every man has his time, and everything has it’s place.”

Rabbi Ben Azai – 3rd Century Sage

This is great wisdom. Discernment is what is needed to help the reader discern which clause applies to their situation.

Bible prophecy tells us that as we approach the end of this age (not the end of the physical world) it will be like birth bangs on a woman in labor. Those more intense, of shorter duration with greater force to push. However, “push out what” is the question. The unwary and unprepared will not perceive or acknowledge that it is happening but the wise will understand. The uprooting of an undesired planting is often violent and sudden, but it does get the job done. This exposure of evil will not be limited to any one group, class or affiliation, but it will be shown that this evil seed has plantings everywhere.

Why will we need such courage for the change we can make. I believe chaos of unprecedented degrees, that our nation has never seen before, is coming. The godless will not go down without a fight but if we adhere to our rule of law we can have this fight polemically and in our courts. We can avoid civil war, which is the agenda of the wicked but what are courts about? They are about the Law. And what is the Law? The LAW that we affirmed and on which we built our government, social structure and rule of thumb was the 10 Commandments; The Torah, The Covenant at Sinai. There was no other, then or now.

This is why I call the next move of Elohim, The Standing Up. This is when the people of the God of Israel, Yahweh Elohim is His Name, Blessed Be He. It is time now for the Righteous to Stand Up and affirm this Covenant at Sinai. The offspring of that historic mixed multitude, after over a 2700 time gap has multiplied and spread into all the earth. That’s right, this righteous seed, known biblically as “Abraham’s seed” is everywhere in all the earth. And now righteous people all over the world need to Stand Up and say that our God Reigns and His commandments are the same yesterday, today and forever. Indeed we need to affirm that He is Adonai and He changes not. We will make His Law our Law and we will be a light for the nations to come out of darkness and chaos.

The wise Rabbi said:

“for every man has his time, and everything has it’s place.”

Did you catch that…..every man has his time. What this means is that for everything and everyone there is a time and season for every work under heaven.” Evil does not go unchecked forever in God’s economy. The faithful remnant in this country have been praying for 10, 20, 30 ,40 years for our nation to get back on it foundations. Prayers do not go unanswered forever.

Have courage people because we are in a season where the righteous are going to rise up and change things. For the better. For everyone.

Most people really do love life and freedom. They love simplicity, family, God and country; and these people are the majority. These people defy all labels. They come from “every tribe and tongue and people and nation.” This is known in Biblical allegory as “Joseph’s coat of many colors” and this is America. We have a prophetic destiny! Ephraim and Judah will walk together in this light, they will raise this banner together and the nations will assemble around it.

There is a reason why we are a “melting pot”. There is a reason why Americans are united under ideology, and not as an easy to profile homogeneous group. The ideology that devised our governmental systems stem from some of the greatest wisdom in the world. The Torah, aka The Bible.

Our Founding Fathers were 100% Bible/Torah-centric. While men of their times, keeping things within this context, they were not confused about the source of their ideology. Our whole form of government is based on their biblical literacy. It is quite astounding and rather miraculous that so many brilliant minds could be alive in one generation, in one place at one time. They seized this opportunity to forge a brand new nation on a newly discovered continent along truly revolutionary concepts. This was a once in a millennial opportunity and they did not intellectually squander it. As John Adams stated and the founders acknowledged “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. ” We need to become a biblical moral people again, the one defined by our religious tradition, the 10 Commandments. Our rule and standard for our just laws and order.

There is a man for every hour, to do every work under heaven. There still is only one person who can drain the swamp and he still has much unfinished business. This is Messiah, our Shepard and the worlds soon and coming King. Citing some clear Bible passages like Daniel 2:21 and Proverbs 8:15a “By me kings reign….”. These are clear witnesses that God does have something to do with “every man has his time” especially in terms of rulers. Some are there to be forerunners. conduits for judgement, as in Pharaoh. Others are deliverers for the people, freeing them from wicked oppressors, like Samson.

“God is the one who changes times and eras, who dethrones one king, only to establish another….”

Dan 2:21

And now there is a decreed season upon us. A very clear prophetic scripture straight from the mouth of Messiah Yashua himself who tells us what it is. “For everything that is hidden will eventually be brought into the open, and every secret will be brought to light.” There are many levels of meaning to that statement. But one level being revealed in our day and time is who the wicked are and what they do in secret to remain in power. Dirty, nasty, despicable things that are not even on the radar of most people. It is a shame even to speak of what these people do in secret. Call them what you will. The 3 percenters, the Illuminati, a wicked cabal, the New World Order globalists, or whatever label given – their behavior, their fruit, is the same. Yashua said you would know a tree by its fruit. We need to call a bad apple…..a bad apple. It is this intense light, the strong medicine if you will, of people who are tired of being lied to and will not be intimidated by thought police aka mainstream media anymore. We the people need to stand up and no longer be fooled, duped, deceived or preyed upon. The wicked hide behind good people. And the good people for the most part never figured it out; until now, because we are in a new season under heaven.

The main stream media will never tell you the truth of this lawless underbelly because of their complicity and participation in the same. The liberal media really think the bulk of us Americans are like them. God haters and God deniers. You think this is too harsh, look at the platform the Dems and their media wing men. They embrace and push relentlessly on the rest of us their godlessness. They endorse and promote insane LGBT lifestyles, abortion on demand, a socialistic/communistic governmental view contrary to our Constitution. The relentless assault of their their fruit on good morals is apparent and deadly.

Say it ain’t so, Joe….. but truth is most people are not like you JOE or your ilk. Most people secretly reject these extremes, hence moderate Democrats who really do make up the bulk of the party will be shown to have voted overwhelming for Trump in the “Red Wave” that really did just happen in this 2020 election. Look into the WALKAWAY movement, where honest DEMS are coming out and boldly denouncing the extreme liberal agenda and its brainwashing media. The Democratic Trump voters are organizing and coming out and telling their story. And oh what a story! Balance must come or else we will go over the cliff, which is the plan of the wicked, But not the plan of God for our nation. After a dark night his mercy comes in the morning. Praise God for this new day.

That is why I know if we stick to the plan as “One Nation Under God” we will come thru this stronger, better and wiser. The gridlock of bi-partisanship must be broken. We must break free from the game of either/or. Unity in diversity produces the most beautiful things. Our unity is our shared values, goals and aspirations based on a recognition that we all have a Creator that wants the best for each one of us. And he gave us “commandments” as a roadmap to get there, how to live civilly and peacefully together. With liberty and justice for all.

In conclusion I want to encourage people; everyone. As the levels of corruption that we all suspected were there all along, get exposed, we have an anchor, a light, a path to get us thru a dark night. Trust the plan, it is HaShem’s plan. America has a prophetic destiny to be a blessing to all nations. Theologically the Re-unification of our House, the United states of America coupled with our unification with the Jews and all righteous peoples under one God will astound the nations. And together we will proclaim the biblical Jubilee, the release of all the captives held by this Luciferian cabal. This Jubilee is inscribed on our Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. How aptly that as the city of brotherly love gets free of its corrupt handlers, as its darkness comes to the light, it will be the beginning of “proclaiming liberty throughout all the land'” Num. 36:4

So keep your Serenity, pray for Wisdom, be the change.
Stand Up for God’s Commandments.
Seek justice and all things will be added unto you.
The future is as bright as the promises of God, the Holy One Blessed be He

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