About – Liz

Liz is a wife, mother and watercolorist. Her “tent making” ministry is as a watercolor artist. Check out her website.

www.lizmcgee.com. Prints and originals are available. This has allowed Liz great flexibility and time to pursue her calling.


In the last 10 years Hashem has called her into a researching and teaching ministry. He has given her great insights into the texts which Liz loves to share regularly and passionately.

The goal of Liz’s teaching ministry is to help build bridges between the Two Houses of Israel, the majority of which are dispersed among the Jews and Christians. Her heart is to speak with a “voice of unity” into this Reunification work of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) in the world today. Liz uses the primary texts of our shared Judeo-Christian heritage to aid in this work . Her teachings embrace a Hebrew Roots and Messianic perspective.

There are many important textual streams to be well versed in for this level of
dialogue as addressed in “The Elect Life”. These include wide ranging texts from the Deuter-Canonical Books, Pseudepigrapha, and Apocrypha to Rabbinical and Mystical texts such as The Zohar and Talmud.  (For a more comprehensive list, see here).

This has enabled Liz to expound accurately on the macrocosm (G-d) down to the microcosm (man) and all the relationships in between, on a solid foundation of Torah.

PaRDeS is the system of Jewish exegesis Liz uses. This is the foundational starting point of her research and teaching. The comprehensive theology, known as the Tree of Life, most eloquently expressed in the Kabbalistic texts is quickly becoming Liz’s teaching focus and an area of expertise.

On all of her platforms (YouTube, website, podcasts, blog) Liz explains that her teachings are on a Torat ha-Sod level (the hidden or secret part of the Torah). This is known as the “SOD” level of wisdom, understanding and knowledge. Or as the Apostle Paul says “the meat of the word”.

Restoring the Keys to the Kingdom is the primary purpose and driving force behind her research. The “Restoration of Keys” is known as the unsealing of prophecy and a sign of the approaching millennium as spoken of by the Prophet Daniel – where “knowledge shall increase”. This is in reference to “SOD” knowledge.

Then the “Glory of Yahweh will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14).  And we will have peace.

Enjoy all the information, on these platforms. And please…. Share… Subscribe… Support.

Liz’s Theological Statement of Faith

An Overall Theological Statement of Faith

1. The systematic theology of Hebrew mysticism called the Tree of Life is fast becoming Liz’s area of expertise. Liz has been working on her understanding of this deep well-developed stream in Hebrew thought. Especially as it was known by the Priests and Prophets of our Ancient traditions.

2. It is her goal to be able to teach these deeper levels of understanding in the hopes that it will help heal and restore the relationship between Judah and his brothers and Joseph. This will happen as we see the plan of redemption as it has played out in history. Exactly as as the Oracles and the Heavens declare in unison.

3. Liz as a Messianic believer sees a full explanation and revelation on the Messiahs of Israel in mystical writings. The veil is being lifted now so that the mind filled with wisdom can see the redemptive plan of YHVH thru location and time.

4. Liz’s teaching on Mashiach as the Tree of Life on the cosmic scale will revolutionize mans view of God and the Divine.

5. Jewish Kabbalah when understood and practiced in the original context of Moshe and the 70 Elders will again produce a people ready for administrative duties in the coming Kingdom of Hashem.

Baruch Shem K’vod Malchuto Le’olam Va’ed