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“Angels – Mal’akhim – The Host of Heaven”

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Angels are holy, hardworking and obedient to Hashem’s every word. They’re innumerable too! Have you ever wished to know more about them or try to understand a little at least? Join Liz for an online class like no other where you will unveil the true nature of Angels and their purpose. This audio class includes 6 intensive 2 hour teachings including snippets of the Q&A from the original class. All classes will be made available for your convenience so you can revise and continue to dig deeper into the word.

Listen into Liz’s intro video to find out exactly where you will be traveling on this journey. Liz will of course be available to answer your questions after you’ve begun the class and help you make the most out of your learning.

If you haven’t started one already, you can start to build your own 40+ chapter binder, full of tools to begin decoding deep biblical mysteries. Most of these tools can be obtained through the “Sod” Patreon membership.

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“Angels – The Host of Heaven” – Audio Class

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